September 2017 - Newsletter

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September 2017 Newsletter - Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited


October 2017 Chapter Meeting –

Date: Monday, October 2nd

Time: 6:30 till a little past 8 PM

Location: Auburn Sportsman’s Club, Auburn, MA


Hello CMTU,


How quickly the summer passes by. However, not before a few fish tails are collected and ready for sharing in our first meeting.


We always have a delayed start to the commencement of our Fall meetings. This allows the Patriots to get a few games under their belt and a few more trips to your favorite trout stream. But now, we begin.


But first, we have a few closing items from our last event of the Spring - The Farmington Trip.


This year, we partnered with the Nor'East Chapter and rented all 6 cabins over the Father's day weekend. We arrived, set up operation and hit the stream. We had a good supply of both young and old this time, all able to cast a fly.


We put together some wonderful meals. The World Famous CMTU breakfast sandwich was a huge success. Combine this with a bottomless coffee pot and you have the start to a wonderful day of fishing. We added a new twist this year, the Hot Dog smörgåsbord. We had enough hot dogs for a small army and enough fixings to make for a very good companion to Woodford Reserve.


But there was fishing too. The trout were again very active and the Campground pool proved once again to be a good place to be. In addition, Phil and I hit the Ovation pool and also found the stretch to be very active.


We are looking to do this again for 2018. We are looking to move away from the Father's day weekend. This year, there will be tickets to this event in out monthly meeting raffle. These "Golden tickets" will provide an experience of a life time and give you insight into a great fishery not that far from home.


In addition to tickets to the Farmington Weekend Fishing Bonanza, we will be having some other excellent prizes for the raffle. And to make things easier, we will continue to have pizza at the meetings.


Our first meeting will include a review of our website and make updates based on some of the trout stories from the summer and our plans for this upcoming year. This will include our 2nd annual High School Fly fishing competition. We plan on doing more advertising and reaching out through more media to get more kids involved.


So, we hope to see you on October 2nd.


Tight Lines,
Peter Sterndale
CMTU President


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