May 2021 Newsletter

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Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited - May 2021 Newsletter


The "Bite" report is good for the Quinie. Several members are doing very well. I’ve been to the Farmington and had very good success with a #18 Flash back Pheasant tail and Black Stoneflies.


This provides a Covid safe environment for all who attends and starts our conversation for more fishing options through the summer and next steps for the Chapter meetings. I was fortunate to get my second dose over 2 weeks ago, but still wear mask and apply hand sanitizer.


Next Meeting


If the vaccine does what is expected and the numbers go in the right direction (currently not on that path), we will look evaluate getting together, but we do not want another Covid Hot Zone. We’ve done a good job so far, let’s see this through and align our actions with the Covid recommendations.


Going Forward


Difficult missing our meetings, the High School Fly Fishing Tournament and the Banquet. But compared to many, this is a very small sacrifice.


One action the CMTU team carried through was to continue Armand’s stocking of the Josephine’s pond of the Wayside Inn campus. Over the past year, there was a team of CMTU, GBTU, UFT and others putting a plan together to keep the pond stocked and keep Armand’s actions continuing at the Longfellow’s old haunt. A mother of a High School fly fishing competitor, put together the "Go Fund Me" to raise the money. Our target was $1000 - half this spring and the other half this fall. CMTU provided $100 along with the GBTU and UFT groups. But there was more, much more that came in. Over the space of a week, almost $1500 was donated - what a success.


We covered the Spring, Fall and most of Spring 2022! Great job - Great event.


So, if in Sudbury, stop by for a world class Strawberry Shortcake and some fly fishing!


Hope to see you on the Quinie from a safe distance (as required for casting too)!


Stay Safe,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited


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