September 2018 Newsletter

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September 2018 Newsletter - Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited


NOTICE: No September meeting


Due to the Holiday, there will be no September meeting. Rest up for one more month before the fun resumes with our October Meeting (October 1st).


The CMTU 2018 Farmington Trip


Our annual June trip to the Farmington was another big success. We had a solid turnout for this years event with a lot of new faces. So here are some of the details:


1. We have a few patterns that are really proving their worth for the BWO hatches that are so plentiful during this time of year on the Farmington. A small #22 BWO emerged with a dark dun wing proved to be deadly. Our Bill (our Finance guy) "Cashed in" with this pattern and hooked several nice trout at the campground pool.


2. The Air Force supported our efforts with some key "Strikes" using the famous B-52. This version of the plane is actually tied on a # 10 or 12 dry fly hook in form of a Rusty Spinner. The CMTU team took command of the "Church Pool" and floated these monsters to our waiting prey. Even though the mayflies we saw were in the 16 to 22 class, the trout loved these monster patterns and made for a wonderful evening's fish.


3. People near and far love the CMTU breakfast sandwich. I recognized most of the people standing in line, but did here rumor that number 12 was in our midst. This was not confirmed, but sparked some interesting conversation. To make the breakfast meal even better, the coffee never stopped flowing. We had a good morning fish, a quick 5Star breakfast and then back to the river. We have this one down!


4. New nymph patterns dominate the campground pool in the form of green caddis and the "Wiggly" worm. The later was irresistible to the Rainbow (and some big ones) trout. They just could not avoid the temptation and in short order, we landed a bunch of the Farmington's best Rainbows. Note" The browns did not appear to be as enthused (They like that green caddis).


We are looking for you input for next years trip and very interested in finding out how we can get more involved. One option may be to have one of the cabins for an entire week to get some advance fishing and information for a more successful weekend. Lots of options, lots of fish, lots of fun.


Have you been getting on the water?


We look forward to hearing about your fishing stories from the last few months. I know we've had members up to Alaska, Colorado, Maine and other great fishing destinations. But we've got some great fishing right here in the Bay State and look forward to hearing your tails.


Also, looking to hear your thoughts on our 2018 - 2019 Season. Banquet, High School Championship, Farmington - could be just the start.


September Boards Meeting


There will be an informal board meeting at the Auburn Sportsman's club on Sept 10. This meeting will be used to put together the plan for the 2018 - 2019 season. Lots of interesting opportunities out there for the club and the membership. Stop on by if you are in the area. We'd love you input. Fun starts at 6:30.


Peter Sterndale
President, CMTU


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