October 2020 Newsletter

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Central MA Trout Unlimited - October Newsletter


Meetings – Cancelled until further notice as we work through this COVID19.


COVID19 Continues to impact our day to day lives. It is a positive to see more and more people respecting the social distancing and use of masks to help reduce the spread.


Our chapter continues to follow the state guidelines and look for new methods to hold our meetings. We are currently looking at some of the tools many of you are using to perform your "work at home". "ZOOM" meetings is one option. We hope to have this in-place to hold our "November" meeting. More on this to follow.


On another note, we are starting to work with the Greater Boston TU Chapter and the Lincoln-Sudbury High School Fly Fishing club on an effort to maintain the Josephine’s pond on the Wayside Inn property. This will focus on providing a stocked pond for fly fishing on this beautiful and historic property. We are looking to get a Fall stocking in, but the main focus will be the Spring. We are looking to work with some of the local fly shop and outfitters to build into an ongoing group effort that will go beyond the stocking and provide other community service options.


An example of one of these such projects is the continuation of the Fly Tying event at the main building at the Wayside Inn. This started several years ago and we look to continue this wonderful event at a location that compliments the level of fly tying that will be demonstrated. We will have some of the best in fly tying at this event and look to provide instruction for those young and old.


We are looking to take advantage of this historic landmark to provide similar opportunities to reach out to the local communities and provide an opening to see the many wonderful activities that come with keeping our cold water fisheries healthy.



Look forward to hearing from you during this Time of Covid. Send any questions to:




Stay safe,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited



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