November 2017 - Newsletter

Trout Unlimited


November Newsletter - Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited


December Chapter Meeting –


Monday, December 4th


6:00 PM Socialize and Trout Tails
6:30 PM Pizza and Meeting


Auburn Sportsman’s Club, Auburn, MA
50 Elm St, Auburn, MA 01501


Meeting Subject:

  1. Annual Review and what lies ahead in 2018.
  2. Elections – There are several Hotly Contested Races this year. Be we can always use more Candidates!
  3. The Meeting/Fly discussion


The Wooly Bugger – One of the more productive flies for almost everywhere.

We will:

  1. Discuss the fly
  2. Review Size, Shapes, Colors and Weighted vs. Un-Weighted.
  3. Different rigging techniques along with Dropper Fly options.
  4. Sinking line, floating line, sink tip and other strategies.
  5. We will have all the materials and equipment required to tie this pattern.


We are always looking forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings, listening to your fishing exploits and enjoying an evening talking about Fly Fishing and Cold Water Conservation.


We’ve done some updating to our Web Site. Ian’s done a great job in making this site much more user friendly and informational. You should check it out if you have not been there recently.


We want to make sure you get to the right site. You should look for this link:


Central Massachusetts Chapter #148 - Trout Unlimited


Another link that may come up in your web search is the following which is a "Default" site from Trout Unlimited. This contains information, but is not as beneficial as the site above.


Central Massachusetts - 148 | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater ...


If you selected the "", you will get you to our web site that is actively updated by our team. You will be greeted by:


This is one of four screens you will see. This provides you with information on our monthly meetings. We are using this site to provide information on our upcoming events and other items of interest.


We are excited about our 2018 Calendar. We have 3 "Main Events", with many other opportunities that will pop up. By popular demand, the Banquet will be back for 2018. More on the Banquet and other events using the other web site screens below.


Web Site Screen #2:
The High School State Fly Fishing Championship


The 2017 High School State Fly Fishing Championship was a huge success. We had contestants from all over the state and found that we have some very skilled fishermen in our youth ranks.


This year we plan on building on our first year’s success and provide this fun competition to our High School members and non-members. As you can see, we are already getting out the word for our 2018 event. We will focus Marlboro Fly Fishing show on this event to make sure we give all MA High School Students the chance to be the State Champion!


Web Site Screen #3
The 2018 Annual Banquet


Back by popular demand is our Annual Banquet. This is a wonderful event that provides an opportunity to enjoy CMTU comradery, have a wonderful dinner and win some excellent prizes. This great evening is back on our calendar for 2018.


We looked far and wide to find the right location to hold our banquet. The planning committee finally made their selection and this is a very good one. The event will be right at the Auburn Sportsman’s Club. This is a great way to support the club and further enjoy this wonderful facility.


Each meeting will provide more details on this event. The date is April 21 – put this one on your calendar.


Web Site Screen #4:

This will be changing shortly to provide information on the Annual Farmington Fly Fishing Trip. I will not spoil the surprise, but this is a good one.


Looking forward to seeing you at the December meeting. We have a lot of great events planned for 2018 and look forward to discussing with all.


Tight Lines,
Peter Sterndale
President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited.


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