Cold Water Cold Beer 2017

Cold Water Cold Beer!

Date: April 29, 2017


Cold Water Cold Beer!


The Boston Chapter of TU has set the Bar very high for the Cold Water Cold Beer events.  Their success in their November event at the Patagonia facility in Boston, drew more than 100 new faces to the event.  We are talking a large number of our younger generation (but over 21) that was interested in both Conservation and Fishing!  Boston (nor CMTU) sees this during our normal meetings and activities.  This is new "Water" for reaching out to our youth, and CMTU has a plan for success.


When you look at the region defined by our chapter, there is a very interesting statistic that become very apparent.  There are some of the top micro breweries in the state in the space defined by our chapter.  We've contacted a few, but the brewery which best fit the our needs for the event was the Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster.  In addition, they were very excited about this opportunity.


Their facility could be thought of as one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Microbrew industry.  Back in 1994, Wachusett started brewing beer and never looked back. You can find their beer  throughout New England.  They make some of the best product out there and a they are always coming up with new ideas to keep their name in the tops as to MicroBreweries.


Our event is planned for Saturday, April 29th.  They have a large hall that is perfect for upwards of 60 Cold Water Cold Beer enthusiasts.  The evening is already taking shape and will include product tastings, Fishing videos and a tour of the facility.  We plan on moving our Banquet activities to this event and will add raffles for our Trip to the Farmington, and other prizes to interest all interested in fly fishing from rookie to the seasoned pro.


There is much to do as far as planning for this event.  We have a terrific college and professional base to tap into in the Worcester area.  This could be another strong display of support for TU and Cold Water Conservation that builds on the success of the Boston based event.  We want to make this fun for all and look forward to thoughts, ideas and participation to make this a success.