Wekepeke Brook: Embrace-A-Stream grant work

Central Massachusetts Trout Unlimited Chapter #148 (CMTU) proposes to undertake the Wekepeke Brook Reconnect Project, which will remove fish passage barriers and reconnect the upper portion of the brook. Wekepeke Brook is a recognized Coldwater Fishery Resource and tributary to the Nashua River. Recent studies demonstrate that due to the degradation of habitat structure, caused in part by the long-term presence of remnant infrastructure, native eastern brook trout and brown trout are present, but in lower than expected numbers. Our goal is to leverage the wealth of available data to design and implement a restoration plan to improve a highly impacted section of the brook. The project is located in the Town of Sterling, MA downstream of the Heywood Road crossing; this 100-meter long stretch is characterized by numerous restrictive concrete barriers and an abandoned stone box-culvert that impedes fish passage and reduces habitat connectivity.

Learn more about the work (completed and future) here: http://www.wekepeke.org/tu-project