MA State Girls and Boys Fly Fishing Championship



As we’ve already reported, we have the date set for the championship for May 13th at the Trout Brook Recreation Area in Holden, MA.  We are gaining momentum and here are some of actions from January:


1.    Advertisement was almost left out of the April Issue of “TROUT” magazine.  However, quick action on the part of our new Council President – Mark Burton, connected with TU National and “Made if Happen”.  We are hoping that this will reach even more potential contestants and maybe start similar competitions in other states.


2.    We picked up some beautiful pins at the New Jersey show that may become part of the pendants that will be the awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both the Girls and Boys division.  The pendant approach is similar to what the state uses for their State Track and Field awards.  In addition, they look very nice and may offer an interesting opportunity for the “lanyard” that are attached.


3.    We had our first meeting with a representative from the Holliston High School.  We are looking to have the younger members of our Chapter play a key role in the planning of this event.  These meeting are looking like best held on a weekend so that we do not interfere with school work.  The potential for a great learning experience, lots of fun, a weekend opportunity to get involved with TU are all looking to spell success.